Grand Slam Sports Tournaments

Tupelo, MS

Bank Plus Sportsplex at Ballard Park

Super Slam #4 BOMBS AWAY

May 19-21, 2023

2021 SUPER SLAM #4

Super Slam events are just award

packages, & so much more! 

  1. All teams will play in their correct class if #'s allow...
  2. Local teams should be prepared to play Friday night. 
  3. 2 pool games, single elimination. 
  4. Teams who sign up early will get scheduling preferences. 
  5. $8 per day gate fee 

Super Slam Award Package Includes

  1. Custom Super Slam Rings for 1st & 2nd place
  2. 1st Place Team Banner
  3. 1st place T shirts for the players
  4. Entry Fee Free Into Next Grand Slam Tournament for 1st place & half off entry in next Grand Slam Tournament for 2nd place.  THIS CAN NOT BE USED IN A STATE TOURNAMENT EVENT!!!!!!!!!!!

Help us to make this a great that have early sign ups are the most successful...get signed up today! 

Contact Mike Narmour, Dell Daves, or Gary Leathers