Grand Slam Sports Tournaments


Sunday 7:15 am,

All games at Alberta Banks Park will be played on time.

All games at Shiloh HS will be played on time.

All games at Discovery HS will be played on time.

All games at LCA will be played on time.

All games at South Gwinnett Park F1 will start on time.

All four fields at Cherokee Bluffs HS will start on time.

All games at Hog Mtn Park will start on time on all three fields.

All games at Chestatee HS on BOTH fields have been cancelled

All games at East Hall Park have been cancelled.

All games at Signature Park on field 1 and field 2 have been cancelled

*Note - all 16U games playing at Shiloh HS moving to 17U tab !!

All teams that did not play two complete games today will play tomorrow and the top two teams will advance to the Championship Game. Any game in progress (official game or not) will be treated as a suspended game and will resume from the point the game was interrupted. Any games that were completed today will count towards that end.

The one day rate of $275 (gate/entry) will apply. The balance will be applied to the team's next event played.

This annual woodbat benefit event supports several local ministries and the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s NICU unit.

Three woodbats of various lengths are provided per field. Players are welcome to bring their own - including composite wood bats.

Mizuno will be set up at Cherokee Bluffs HS on Saturday selling a limited numbers of bats along with other Mizuno baseball gear.

14U will be played on high school fields at Cherokee Bluffs HS, East Hall HS, West Hall HS, Johnson HS and Chestatee HS

16U at Shiloh HS and Loganville Christian Academy.

Please have turf shoes on hand for all portable mounds. Metal spikes are not permitted on the portable mounds.

The larger divisions will be separated by class up front or divide into a Gold/Silver bracket on Sunday.

Two Saturday pool games followed by Sunday single elimination bracket.

The new Grand Slam Champions and Finalist rings will be awarded in each age group. Each winning team in a consolidated bracket (or Gold bracket winner if there is a Sunday Gold/Silver split) will receive one Mizuno bat of your choice up to a $300 value.

$385 entry fee is required when you register your team. In the event of a complete rain out, a $75 admin fee will be deducted from your team refund.

Text Tim Gaines at 770-231-0176 for more info. Colton Harrelson is also available at 404-694-5212.


Schedule not available. Please check back later.

Team Division W-L-T
1 Ambush
Jefferson, GA
9U-AAA 15-5-0
2 Archer
Dacula, GA
9U-AAA 9-6-0
3 GBSA Rays Gwinnett 9U
Snellville, GA
9U-A 2-10-0
4 Lions
Winder, GA
9U-A 9-7-0
5 Loganville Bats Blue
Loganville, GA
9U-AA 5-0-0
6 Oconee County RiverDawgs
Bogart, GA
9U-AA 3-6-0
7 Sharon Springs Spartans
Cumming, GA
9U-AAA 4-0-0
Team Division W-L-T
1 Dacula Next Level
Dacula, GA
10U-AA 5-6-0
2 GA Stiksquad
Monroe, GA
10U-A 0-2-0
3 GBSA Rays Gwinnett 10U
Snellville, GA
10U-AA 2-7-0
4 Georgia Braves
Gainesville, GA
9U-AAA 5-2-0
5 Loganville Bats Select
Loganville, GA
10U-AA 9-5-1
6 Signature Park Bulldogs
Winder, GA
10U-AA 16-10-0
7 Titans 10U ORANGE
Loganville, GA
9U-A 2-5-0
Team Division W-L-T
1 10u Five Star Generals - Grayson
Loganville, GA
10U-AAA 9-4-0
2 11U Elite Sluggers Bayer
Cumming, GA
11U-AA 12-5-1
3 Ambush Baseball
Jefferson, GA
11U-AA 6-4-1
4 Apalachee Lions
Winder, GA
11U-AA 5-9-0
5 Bullpen Redstitch 108
McDonough, GA
11U-AA 2-0-1
6 Cobb Angels
Powder Springs, GA
11U-AA 7-3-0
7 Elite Sluggers - Dean
Cumming, GA
11U-AA 4-7-0
8 Five Star Generals - Loganville
Loganville, GA
11U-AA 3-8-0
9 Forsyth Bulldogs
Suwanee, GA
11U-A 1-4-0
10 GBA Spiked 9
Suwanee, GA
11U-AA 5-9-0
11 Gwinnett Bandits 11U
Buford, GA
11U-A 4-10-0
12 Hardknox Orioles
McDonough, GA
11U-AA 9-2-0
13 North Gwinnett Bulldogs
Suwanee, GA
11U-AA 6-4-2
Team Division W-L-T
1 11u Jr Chiefs
Canton, GA
11U-AAA 0-4-0
11U-AAA 4-2-0
3 Dacula Falcons
Dacula, GA
11U-AAA 10-8-1
4 Georgia Bandits
Atlanta, GA
11U-AAA 4-1-0
5 Georgia Braves 11U
Flowery Branch, GA
11U-AAA 8-1-0
6 MC Bulldogs 11u
Madison, GA
11U-AAA 12-1-0
7 Mill Creek
Buford, GA
11U-AAA 10-9-2
8 REMIX RipCity
Snellvile, GA
10U-Major 7-4-0
Team Division W-L-T
1 Archer Premier Baseball
Dacula, GA
11U-AAA 2-3-1
2 Archer Tigers
Dacula, GA
12U-AA 11-9-0
3 Brookwood Broncos
Lawrenceville, GA
12U-AA 1-9-0
4 Buford Wolves
Buford, GA
12U-AA 7-7-0
5 GA Stiksquad 12u
Monroe, GA
12U-A 1-2-0
6 Gainesville Gladiators
Gainesville, GA
12U-AA 17-18-0
7 Georgia Octane 11U Bailey
Gainesville, GA
11U-AAA 0-0-0
8 Grayson Rams
Grayson, GA
12U-AA 6-3-0
9 Gwinnett Bandits 12U
Buford, GA
12U-AA 1-9-0
10 Mountain View Bears 12u
dacula, GA
12U-AA 7-7-0
11 QAB-Overman
flowery branch, GA
11U-AAA 8-1-0
12 Warriors Baseball powered by Rawlings
Jefferson, GA
12U-AA 7-5-1
Team Division W-L-T
1 Elite Gamers-Seabolt
Conyers, GA
12U-AAA 11-4-0
2 Five Star Generals-Black
Loganville, GA
12U-AAA 5-8-0
3 HCA Angels
Dacula, GA
12U-AAA 10-10-1
4 Line Drive Academy
Cleveland, GA
12U-AAA 5-9-1
5 SDG Angels
Covington, GA
12U-AAA 6-5-0
Team Division W-L-T
1 Bullpen RedStitch
McDonough, GA
13U-AA 8-16-0
2 Country Wide
Maysville, GA
13U-AA 17-6-0
3 Diamond Jaxx
Jefferson, GA
13U-AA 12-12-1
4 Expos Elite
Bogart, GA
13U-AA 6-11-0
5 Fielder’s Choice
Hoschton, GA
13U-AA 11-4-0
6 GA Octane 13U
Cumming, GA
13U-AA 0-2-0
7 Georgia Sandlot Duece
13U-AA 14-5-1
8 Lanier Longhorns 13U
Buford, GA
13U-AA 7-4-0
9 Mill Creek Hawks
Buford, GA
13U-AA 2-2-1
10 Team Elite Pride
Cumming, GA
13U-AA 8-9-0
11 The Storm Baseball Club
Lilburn, GA
13U-AA 7-7-3
Team Division W-L-T
1 5-Star Generals-Hughes
Loganville, GA
13U-AAA 13-8-2
2 Apalachee Braves
Winder, GA
13U-AAA 11-2-0
3 Lambert Longhorns
Cumming, GA
13U-AAA 11-10-0
4 MOCO Bulldogs
Madison, GA
13U-AAA 14-15-2
5 Sharon Springs Spartans Black
Cumming, GA
13U-AAA 7-11-0
13U-AAA 17-9-1
Team Division W-L-T
1 14U Dacula Falcons
Dacula, GA
14U-OPEN 16-12-0
2 5 Star Generals - Hicks
Loganville, GA
14U-OPEN 5-8-0
3 5 Star Generals - Truesdell
Loganville, GA
14U-OPEN 13-13-2
4 Americus Travelers
Leslie, GA
14U-OPEN 10-5-0
5 Big Creek Bombers
Cumming, GA
14U-OPEN 9-17-0
6 Creekview Jr Grizzlies 14U
Canton, GA
14U-OPEN 4-6-0
7 Forsyth Central Dirtbags
Cumming, GA
14U-OPEN 4-16-0
8 Future Stars
Lithonia, GA
14U-OPEN 10-10-0
9 Georgia Select
Loganville, GA
14U-OPEN 9-7-2
10 Georgia Sox
Cumming, GA
14U-OPEN 11-9-0
11 Havoc Baseball
Auburn, GA
14U-OPEN 16-11-2
12 North Ga Raiders
14U-OPEN 11-2-0
13 North Gwinnett 14U
Suwanee, GA
14U-OPEN 4-6-0
14 Southern Savages
Watkinsville, GA
14U-OPEN 12-14-0
15 Walton Lookouts
Social Circle, GA
14U-OPEN 15-5-0
14U-OPEN 4-5-0
Team Division W-L-T
1 Evo-Shields Baseball
Watkinsville, GA
15U-OPEN 4-1-0
2 Georgia Thunder
Monroe, GA
16U-OPEN 9-9-0
3 Hobgood Braves
Woodstock, GA
16U-OPEN 7-4-1
4 Hope House Charity Baseball
Lawrenceville, GA
16U-OPEN 12-0-1
5 Mountain View Bears
Lawrenceville, GA
15U-OPEN 0-5-0
6 Outlaws
Lavonia, GA
16U-OPEN 7-6-1
7 Outsiders Baseball
Cleveland, GA
16U-OPEN 21-15-1
8 Precision Baseball - 16u Waters
Alpharetta, GA
16U-OPEN 4-3-0
9 QAB Tumlin
Gainesville, GA
15U-OPEN 1-6-1
10 Reloaded
Buford, GA
15U-OPEN 3-2-0
Team Division W-L-T
1 Collins Hill Eagles 16U
Lawrenceville, GA
16U-OPEN 1-10-0
Loganville, GA
16U-OPEN 7-10-1
3 Georgia Warhawks
Cumming, GA
15U-OPEN 1-1-1
4 QAB - Edwards
Gainesville, GA
15U-OPEN 2-2-0
5 Tri-City Generals 16u
Columbus, GA
16U-OPEN 6-1-1
4535 Oakwood Rd
Oakwood, GA 30566-3312